Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ok, Unwound. not necessarily underrated but maybe somewhat under appreciated? Another 3 piece west coast band driven by exceptional bass playing. Saw them around this record at Luna Lounge in Manhattan. All these tall skinny boys crowded to the front and no one could see them on that short shin-high stage. I thought to myself "You're on Kill Rock Stars for fuck's sake. Why don't you demand that all the short girls be able to come to the front? Everyone will do as you say. Fuck, they'll think its cool." They did no such insisting but its an incredible record anyway. They were great to watch not because they did a lot of jumping around but because no matter how loud and hard he screamed, Justin, the singer, wouldn't move a single muscle on his face.

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Jessica said...

ah, excellent album! today I've been downloading a good number of the links you've posted up here. this is the perfect blog. i've been looking for one like this that uncovers older, underappreciated albums. i wish you'd keep posting.