Wednesday, July 16, 2008

steel pole bath tub

So, I've noticed that one of my all time favorite bands is woefully underrepresented in the mp3 blogging world. What i've seen of it at least. It's San Francisco's own Steel Pole Bath Tub and while i think i saw Butterfly Love out there somewhere and born in the basement put up Tumor Circus (Jello Biafra and SPBT) I thought I should make my favorite SPBT record Tulip this blog's first offering.

I was more or less in a perpetual drunken stuper at a small north east university when this came out. Me and a buddy of mine were listening to Butterfly Love almost full time and I remember thinking that while not being nearly as frightening as their first record, Tulip was a little more focussed. The anger and noise was there (Mecurochrome, The Scarlet) as well as the energy (One Thick Second, Soul Cannon) but the songs were just better realized. Maybe it was just that you could hear it better. You could differentiate between the noisy instruments to realize just how wonderfully fuzzy and bent Dale Flattums bass was. I used to muscle up to the front of the stage at shows to see what his distortion rig was and what they using to run those samples during and between the songs (stenographers equipment, I used to think) and hey, is Darren Mor-X just using a floor tom with a snare strapped to the bottom of it? You can hear it on the record. Things you wouldn't expect.

I think this is Darren Mor-X's video for "One Thick Second"


Glenn Baskin said...

Thanks for this-got my cassette of this album in car-looking forward to more

Brooklyn Bill said...

Thanks glenn! I had that cassette as well! It got so faded that i had to play it to figure out what it was. I'm pretty sure i had to take the screws out and operate on it a couple of times.

Nathan Nothin said...

I posted up SPBT Venus in Furs/European Son 7" last March.
Check it out.

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I just saw this band like 1990 and was really SHAKEN! Great video. Is this what I watched before going to elementary school? Man.

Royan Hasjim said...

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