Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today: Antimony. Now, it would have seemed that Antimony had a lot going for them. They were 3/4 of the often-brilliant Circus Lupus (Seth Lorinczi, Arika Casebolt and Chris Hamley); their record, Phantom Itch, was produced by J. Robbins from Jawbox and mixed by Dischord's own Ian MacKaye and all in all it's not a bad record. The guitar and bass get to be louder and more in focus than they are in Circus Lupus, and it turns out they have a lot to say. There are vocals here, but they seem almost superfluous, calibrated not to interfere with what the instruments are doing. Antimony, released from Chris Thomson’s plodding vocal style, created songs that are more driving and busy and joyfully complicated. There's an element of chaos here: You're not sure if it’s all going to come off, but against all odds, it somehow does.

What's working against Antimony? The band was already broken up when the record came out. I think you call that a “DC special.” I don't know if these songs were ever played live outside of a rehearsal space or recording studio. They were conceived, labored over, detailed and polished, only to be abandoned by their owners, destined never to be played again. (I guarantee you there will be no Antimony reunion). Antimony was the aftershock or maybe the death throes of Circus Lupus. An aberration. A rumor. They burned briefly and dimly but loudly. That's right. They burned loudly. It’s as if it was time for Circus Lupus to break up and these three reasoned, “Wait, we have one more thing to say on the subject. What could we do if there were no constraints? If we let ourselves go? If we ignored those voices from without and within that say to us, ‘That is too fucking busy’”?

So. Once more with feeling and busy as fuck.

Phantom Itch


Ape Mummy said...

A totally great record...pretty under-appreciated as well. You really should write some more. A month off is more than enough to gather your wits and drop more great knowledge!

Nicole said...

I have always wanted to hear this record, and now you have allowed me to do so. Thanks.

Rusty said...

One of my all-time favorites!

Seth Lorinczi said...

I'm stunned...that anyone actually listened to the record! Thanks for the review and comments, you got it pretty much dead-on!



Brooklyn Bill said...

well, that was cool.

Anonymous said...

Antimony definitely did play a few shows... i got to book and see one of them. was fucking awesome.

also... non sequitor, but... i ended up at your blog because you posted on another blog looking for .mp3 by Hazel of some of their 7"'s. did you ever find them? because i'm looking for them, too!

i have the records, just not the means to get 'em ripped. ugh!


anja said...

Hello there. Thank you for the kind words. Antimony actually played out quite a bit and toured a couple of times. I'm proud of that record, and our decision to end the band was a peaceful and amicable one.



bill said...

my band was on that label (double deuce) and I could have sworn that Dalton said you guys never played a show. one of you is wrong. actually, i am probably mistaken but it's good to know those songs got a chance to stretch their legs.